Cell Therapy Treatment In India

Stem cells are an extraordinary kind of cell in the human body, they are naturally generative abilities, and hence they are known as the body's raw materials. These are the cells from which other kinds of cells with specialized functions are generated. Stem cells require an optimum condition to divide and form daughter cells. They can also be developed in a laboratory. The best thing about stem cells is that they include self-renewal ability and Stem Cell Treatment Cost in India is very affordable. This means the daughter cells that stem cells produce may either turn into new stem cells or specialized cells with specific functions. These cells may be cardiac muscle cells, blood cells, bone cells, brain cells, and more. Besides stem cells, no cells can regenerate naturally in the body.

How is Cell Therapy used as a treatment-

Different stem cell types are used in various types of stem cell treatment.

1. Mesenchymal Cell Therapy: it is a viable alternative to conventional multiple sclerosis (MS) treatments. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been studied as a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis because they can develop into many cell types, including nerve cells, and can decrease immune response.

Under this therapy, a doctor draws MSCs from a patient's bone marrow, blood, or other tissues. They then multiply these cells in a laboratory before transferring them into the body of the patient.

In some situations, a scientist might treat these cells even before treatment is finished. They may do this to assist the cells' ability to repair myelin and enhance their ability to manage immunological responses that impair the nervous system.

MSCs appear potential in the treatment of MS, according to a 2020 analysis of a number of pre-clinical and clinical experiment due to the following factors-

Their capacity to influence a person's immune system and

the release of trophic factors, substances that support the growth of brain neurons

their ability to differentiate into a wide variety of other cells

their ability to regenerate.

2. Autologous Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT)- With HSCT, medical professionals give you drugs to boost the production of bone marrow stem cells. The stem cells from the blood are then saved for further use. The next step is to administer massive doses of chemotherapy and other potent drugs to significantly suppress your immune system. You may need to stay in the hospital for up to 11 days while this is being done.

The stem cells are injected into your bloodstream by your doctor so that they can develop into new white blood cells and aid in the development of a robust immune system in your body. Additionally, you'll be prescribed antibiotics to help you fight off infections and other ailments until your immune system is able to function normally once more.

Stem Cell Centre in Mumbai-

One of the top locations worldwide for those looking for facilities offering Cell Therapy is Mumbai. Mumbai has become one of the top medical tourism destinations due to the excellent standard of healthcare provided, the low cost of Cell Therapy, and the availability of some of the most skilled medical professionals for Cell Therapy.

The top hospital in Mumbai for Cell Therapy is among the best in the world and provides incredibly high standards of medical care. When compared to other nations with the same top-notch facilities around the world, the hospitals' diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive health services are of comparable quality.

People are drawn to Mumbai for more reasons than only the high calibre of the medical care. Mumbai hospitals are among the top medical facilities for using Cell Therapy for a number of additional reasons, some of which are as follows:

1. Low cost of Cell Therapy: When compared to other Western nations that provide healthcare of a comparable calibre, the leading hospital for Cell Therapy charges foreign patients less.

2. Facilities: All diagnostic and therapeutic facilities are housed under one roof in the hospitals that treat patients with Cell Therapy. In the event of an emergency, all of these facilities may be reached instantly and without delay.

3. Connectivity: Mumbai is well connected to the rest of the world, despite the aforementioned factors, thanks to frequent flights across the globe. In-house interpreters are available at the hospitals in Mumbai to assist and direct patients from other nations.

Cost of Cell Therapy in Delhi, Mumbai and India

In Delhi and Mumbai and India, the Cell Therapy treatment cost can range between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakh which also depends on the patient's condition. It also differs from the kind of transplant; whether it is an Allogeneic transplant or an Autologous transplant.

Owing to the regenerative properties of stem cells, researchers and scientists believe that they can be accommodating mankind to know how diseases occur. They can even be used as a cure for various diseases. Cells are the basic unit structure of life, and if we somehow manage to keep them in good health, we can cope with a wide range of diseases at ease. Cell Therapy is an emerging and promising field of medicine that uses stem cells to treat or prevent a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

Stem cells are the body's natural repair system and can differentiate into any other type of cell in the body, making them ideal for treating a wide range of diseases.

In India, stem cell treatment is still in its early stages but is slowly gaining popularity as more people become aware of its potential. There are a number of stem cell treatment centres popping up across the country, offering treatments for a variety of conditions.

As with any new medical treatment, there are always risks involved with stem cell treatment.

Cell Therapy is an exciting and relatively new medical treatment that offers the potential to heal diseases and injuries that were once thought to be permanently debilitating. Stem cells are a type of cell that can differentiate into any other type of cell in the body. This means that they have the ability to repair or replace damaged tissue.

What are the benefits of stem cell treatment

There are many potential benefits of Cell Therapy.?

One of the most promising is its ability to treat degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. In these diseases, stem cells can be used to replace damaged neurons and restore function.

Another potential benefit of Cell Therapy is its ability to treat injuries such as spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. In these cases, stem cells can be used to replace damaged tissue and promote healing.

Lastly, Cell Therapy shows promise as a treatment for cancer. In some cases, stem cells can be used to kill cancer cells or prevent them from multiplying. Additionally, this may help reduce the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

What are the types of Cell Therapy?

There are two types of Cell Therapy: autologous and allogeneic.

Autologous Cell Therapy uses stem cells from the patient’s own body.

Allogeneic Cell Therapy uses stem cells from a donor.

Autologous is the most common type of therapy. In this procedure, stem cells are harvested from the patient’s bone marrow or blood. The cells are then injected into the patient’s injured tissue to promote healing.

Allogeneic is less common than autologous therapy. In this procedure, stem cells are harvested from a donor and injected into the patient’s injured tissue. This type of therapy is often used for patients who do not have enough healthy stem cells to undergo autologous Cell Therapy.

Cell Therapy is a medical modus operandi to stimulate the body to repair response to diseases, injured tissues, and other dysfunction by using the derivatives of stem cells. It is a very effective & futuristic method to treat diseases without transplanting organs. You may consider getting in touch with Dr. Rajput's Stem Cell Research Centre to get the best Cell Therapy in India. He is a very qualified, experienced, and reliable expert.

FAQs of Cell Therapy in India

What is Cell Therapy?

Cell Therapy is a type of regenerative medicine treatment that involves the use of stem cells to repair or replace damaged or diseased tissue or organs. The goal of Cell Therapy is to regenerate healthy cells in order to restore normal function. Stem cells can be derived from a variety of sources, including embryonic tissue, and fat tissue.

What is the success rate of Cell Therapy?

The success rate of Cell Therapy is still being researched as it is a new treatment option. However, many people who have undergone the treatment have seen significant improvements in their condition.

Is Dr. Rajput's Stem cell research center only for Cell Therapy?

No, we also provide spinal cord therapy treatments for other injuries and diseases.

How much does the Cell Therapy treatment cost?

Sources online suggest that the average cost of treatment in Delhi and Mumbai, India is estimated to be 5 lacs however, it is subject to the type of facility the patient chooses for their treatment and the expenditure the patient is willing to spend on travel, lodging, and meals. The cost of our Cell Therapy treatment varies depending on the severity of the injury and the number of sessions required. However, we offer a free consultation to determine the best course of treatment for each individual.

How does Cell Therapy work?

Cell Therapy is a treatment that uses stem cells to repair or replace damaged tissue and cells. The new cells can help the injured area to heal and function properly again.

Which hospital is best for Cell Therapy?

Dr. Rajput's Stem Cell Research Centre is the best hospital for Cell Therapy in Delhi and Mumbai, India.

How long do stem cells stay alive?

Stem cells are the body's natural repair system. They have the ability to divide and renew themselves for long periods. Stem cells can be used to replace or repair damaged cells in the body.

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