Bone Marrow Cell Transplant

We transplant own bone marrow derived mono nuclear cell concentrate, which contains growth factors and regenerative.

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Joint Repair / Regeneration

We do joint repair/ regeneration in arthritic patients by PRP and own bone marrow cells. See testimonials/ book appointment.

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Genetic Disorders

Genetic Disorders

We treat commonly found genetic disorders like DMD, SMA, Down Syndrome. See testimonials/ book appointment.

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Dr. Rajput's STEM CELL INDIA -

Regenerative Medicine Research Centre

The field of regenerative bone marrow-derived cell therapy is rapidly growing and flourishing in India, with a dynamic and active community of experts comprised of both medical doctors and basic researchers. Through a collaborative approach, these professionals are working together to meet the emerging demands for this specialized treatment and support its advancement in the field of regenerative medicine.

At his hospitals in Delhi and Mumbai, India, Dr. Rajput has a wealth of experience in utilizing stem cell therapy to treat a diverse range of medical conditions. The SCIRC treatment protocol, which Dr. Rajput has implemented, has proven to be highly effective in achieving positive outcomes for patients with various medical conditions.

  • Spinal Cord Problem

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

  • Osteoarthritis Knee


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Stem cell Therapeutics

Stem Cell Treatment Hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi, India

Several hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi, India, provide advanced stem cell therapy treatments. Our hospital offers personalised care for a wide range of conditions, from neurological disorders and orthopaedic injuries to cosmetic procedures, thanks to world-class facilities and experienced medical professionals.

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Stem Cell Treatment

Complete Stem Cell Treatment for Everyone

Stem cells are used in cell therapy, a form of regenerative medicine, to replace or heal diseased or harmed cells, tissues, or organs. Specialized cells known as stem cells have the capacity to differentiate within the body into many cell types. In persons with a variety of medical disorders, this can assist the body in healing itself and enhance the functionality of damaged organs.

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