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Medicinal values of ‘Modunol’ extracted from mussels. The gift the medical science has gotten in the form of ‘Modunol’ named element extracted from the Green Lipped Mussel found particularly along the sea shores of New Zealand is unmatched. Through the medium of this new found chemical, wonderful improvements have been marked in various types of serious diseases. ‘Modunol’ is proving to be a new dawn in the horizon for the desperate patients suffering from serious illness.

What is 'Modunol'?

Modunol is prepared by a patented process of extract preparation of mussels.When mussels are subjected to a special treatment procedure through the liquified carbon Dioxide, a suprising quality in it, is produced which is known as 'Modunol'.


Specialties of 'Modunol'

  • Modunol doesn't let the cells of the body to die.
  • Encourages creation of newer cells in place of the dead cells.
  • Increases the capacity of carrying oxygen into blood,
  • Boosts up the power of formation of newer muscles
  • Lends a correct direction to the body's immune system,
  • Reduces the swelling arising in the tissues.

What say the specialists on 'Modunol' chemical.

  • In the recently held 'World Health Congregation', the top specialists from across world over concurred that Modunol' contains anti inflammatory property, strengthens the body's immune system surprisingly. This is the reason why the 'Modunol' has given the surprising result in reducing the disease of arthritis.
  • Modunol is a marine lipid is a special chemical found in the Green Lipped Mussels chiefly sourced from the seashores of New Zealand.
  • Modunol contains fatty acids, glucosamine, mucopolysaccharides, omega, minerals and natural proteins which are all naturally come about and are vital compounds for the mobility of the body's joint and the overall state of human health. The persons whose breathes swells up even after doing a slight physical labour are also immensely benefitted with this element.
  • 'Modunol' augments up the numbers of anti bodies in the body.
  • It enhances the anti disease resistant capacity in our body catalysing up the cell mediated immune response.
  • It's highly useful when it is given with the influenza vaccine.
  • As per one German researcher, Modunal' safeguards against eruption of wounds and protrusions in the stomach.
  • This minimises the essence of steroids in the asthma patients up to 80 %.
  • 'Modunol' is highly helpful in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • It's enormously useful in quickly filling up the wounds of intestines.
  • It slows down the weight loss occurring in body.

An overview : Don't commit the mistake of treating the 'Modunol' to be fish oil. It has the combination of many medicines in itself. For more details regarding 'modunol, please call us at+91 9820850187

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