Stem Cell Therapy for ILD in India

Unlike most cells we produce after birth, stem cells are able to turn into any other cell that’s needed. When a child grows in their mother’s womb, stem cells develop first, then spread and divide as more of them are required. Stem cells become many different kinds of brain cells, skin cells, and so on to shape the young body that will grow up to be a human baby. Interstitial fibrosis, a devastating disease, has no cure. Treatment options have varied, but today some new ones show promise in patients with advanced interstitial fibrosis. One option is pirfenidone treatment. Pirfenidone treatment may help relieve symptoms in people with this disease. However, other treatments are still being researched and developed to find the best way to help those living with this disease. For now, supportive measures like oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation can help patients live comfortably while treatment options continue to develop.

Nonetheless, many doctors in India and other countries believe that stem cell therapy for Interstitial Lung Disease can be an effective solution. Well, several kinds of research are being conducted on stem cells throughout the world, and they are showing desirable outcomes. Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent cells derived from adult tissue. They have the capacity to differentiate into different cell types and possess anti-proliferative and immune-modulatory properties. These properties make them ideal for treating lung diseases, including interstitial lung diseases. MSC can home to sites of injury where they suppress inflammation and hasten the repair of damaged tissue in a process known as regenerative medicine. Please feel free to share your medical condition with the experts at Dr. Rajput’s Stem Cell Research Center; they will provide you with the best treatment without costing you an arm and a leg.

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