Stem Cell Therapy in Arthritis Knee

Stem Cell Therapy in Arthritis Knee

Arthritis Knee is the most common disease of the joints and a leading cause of chronic disability, especially in the aged population. It occurs due to long standing wear and tear of the joint, which leads to cartilage damage. Joint capsule swelling or Synovial inflammation is an additional problem which happens in such cases and become the main source of discomfort for them

Osteoarthritis knee- prevalence and global burden
Incidence of Arthritis Knee has doubled since the mid-20th century Osteo Arthritis knee accounts for 80% of all arthritis cases 20 % of population of more than 45 yrs age suffer with arthritis knee Its increased incidence is due to
» increased longevity
» Obesity epidemic
» Joint overloading in Obese » swelling of joints

Treatment Options for Arthritis Knee Patients
activity modification
intra−articular use of steroids/HA
Intra articular PRP inj
Intra articular Stem cells & PRP inj

High Tibial osteotomy & Varus correction
High fibular osteotomy with or without
prp/stem cell transplantation
Total knee replacement

So current nonsurgical treatment options for OA knee focus on short-term relief of symptoms like physiotherapy, activity modification, bracing, oral medications, and steroid injection in the joints. Although these may be effective in providing some relief of pain, all are short-term measures. Intra−articular injection of Hyaluronic acid (HA) is effective in patients with less-severe OA, but pain relief is limited to a few months. Since hyaluronic Acid does not slow down the progression of the disease process, the surgical option becomes inevitable.
Autologous biologic therapies are also promising with early data showing that platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection for osteo arthritis (OA)knee may be of benefit for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis. However, PRP is less effective for patients with more severe Arthritis knee. Regenerative medicine has gained researcher’s and clinician’s interest as an alternative of surgical treatment for Arthritis knee. The use of umbilical cord derived Stem cell therapy or bone marrow derived stem cell therapy in OA knee to decrease pain and swelling is quite promising. These are basically Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) with a lot of growth factors, which are responsible for controlling arthritis and regeneration of cartilage to give smooth and painless walking.

As per published report on June 30, 2014
One Third of Knee Replacements Classified as Inappropriate
 New research reports that more than one third of total knee replacements in the U.S. were classified as “inappropriate” using a patient classification system developed and validated in Spain. The study, published inArthritis & Rheumatology, a journal of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR)

So Stem cell therapy in arthritis knee are potentially safe, less invasive, and nonsurgical treatment for Arthritis knee.
When to do Stem cell therapy in arthritis Knee
» When other conservative methods of treatment fail to give relief in pain and mobility than we use stem cell therapy in arthritis knee
» Varus of knee( bending of knee) is not more than 10 degree than we use stem cell therapy in arthritis knee
» Arthritis grade 2-3 ( Kellgren-Lawrence scale) than we use stem cell therapy in arthritis knee

» A ---Bone marrow aspiration
» B ----Processing
» C------Intra articular Injection
» D -----post transplant care
» E------outcome

Cartilage regeneration in just 6 weeks of than we use stem cell therapy in arthritis knee

stem cell therapy in arthritis knee