Stem Cell Therapy in ILD

Pulmonary fibrosis, sometimes called interstitial lung disease, is a progressive disease in which the lungs' tissue becomes damaged and scarred over time. This immobilizes the lungs' tiny air sacs and blood vessels, causing breathing to become difficult. Treatment includes managing symptoms like coughing, breathing difficulty, and excess sweating with medication.

Most lung diseases arise when there is a loss or dysfunction of the cells that support lung function. In the case of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), for example, emphysema worsens due to weakened and damaged alveoli (the main sites of gas exchange in the lungs). Furthermore, stem cells might be an alternative to traditional treatments because they are able to differentiate into many different types of mature cells. At this moment in time, treatment with stem cells has not yet been conclusively shown to reverse or cure ILD. However, many doctors and researchers believe that stem cell therapy in ILD may ameliorate patients' quality of life with these diseases

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