Stem Cell Therapy for MND in Mumbai

Motor Neuron Disease is an illness that has no proven cure or treatment options till now. It happens gradually, and the patient starts losing muscle function, mobility, and control over speech. It can even cause swallowing as well as breathing problems. There are medications on the market already, but they extend life for only a few months longer than what would occur naturally. Therefore, we need to find safe treatments or a cure for this disease because, ultimately, we want to help wipe out suffering for people who deal with this horrible illness every day!

Although there is no proven cure for this rare and fatal neurodegenerative disorder available, many doctors and researchers believe that stem cell therapy can be an effective solution for MND. In fact, some patients have been provided stem cell therapy for MND in Mumbai, Delhi, and various other cities in the country, and most of them experienced promising outcomes.

New clinical trials using stem cells taken from bone marrow and grown in a lab have shown greater improvement in mitigating the progression of MND. However, keep in mind that earlier detection of disease can help the doctors prepare an efficacious treatment plan, and patients' chances to live longer lives increase. So, if you feel that you have the symptoms of MND, you should not overlook and get in touch with Dr. Rajput’s Stem Cell Research Center as soon as possible. The medical center includes the latest machinery and highly qualified & experienced doctors who are well-versed in providing stem cell therapy. Don’t worry! The center charges a pretty reasonable amount for its services.

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