Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Fibrosis in India

Liver fibrosis is a condition that happens when the liver becomes scarred. This may result in cirrhosis, where the liver can no longer function properly. For this reason, many patients require transplants. However, these transplants are complicated to get, so there isn't currently an effective way to save liver cirrhosis patients aside from waiting for one of these transplants to become available. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee if those patients will survive because of their heavy burden of illness, or their body may not accept the transplanted organ (Graft Rejection). Luckily for us, we have stem cell therapy! Well, this treatment obviously does not eliminate the disease utterly; however, the results are quite satisfactory.

Stem cell therapy for lung fibrosis in India has been provided to many patients, and most of them showed promising outcomes. This might be the reason why many researchers and doctors believe that stem cell therapy may prove to be a boon for all those patients suffering from lung fibrosis, MND, and other related diseases. Doctors don’t know much about these cells; therefore, researchers are continuously studying them to extract as much information as possible.

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