Stem Cell Therapy for DMD in Mumbai

Well, before moving to DMD’s treatment, let’s take a look at its history. Charles Bell started out his study with the intention of determining if there was a correlation between young boys' muscular weakness and dystrophy. His initial findings weren't conclusive, but this prompted researchers to continue in their ambition to learn more about this degenerative condition. In 1931, Gadebusch and Schatzki were able to conclude that MD develops before the age of ten. This spurred more research that identified 30 different genetic diseases that could affect the human muscle system and led to the development of diagnostic tests used today.

Now, the question is if this condition is curable? Well, researchers are continuously trying to find ways to help patients with this condition so that they can live a normal life. In the previous few years, doctors found stem cell therapy is pretty effective in curing not only DMD but also various other diseases, such as cerebral palsy and more. However, when it comes to getting stem cell therapy for DMD in Mumbai and other parts of the country, many people struggle to reach a reliable and affordable doctor.

Keep in mind that stem cell therapy is a very effective way of treatment, but still, not many clinics or hospitals have the right resources and experts to perform this procedure. Hence, general people in India might find it an expensive treatment method. However, you don’t need to worry! You can consider seeing doctors at Dr. Rajput’s Stem Cell Research Center; here, you may expect to get the best treatment at the best costs.

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