Stem Cell Therapy for ALS in India

In spite of knowledge on the molecular basis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has advanced quickly in recent years, this knowledge has yet to translate into new therapeutics. The advent of stem cell technologies offers hope for stem cell treatments as novel therapeutics for ALS in the future. When it comes down to this disease, those involved with creating spontaneous therapies are hoping that they can come up with something that will be innovative enough to replace current drugs someday and perhaps cure this fatal disease once and for all, rather than just delay its effects on the brain and spinal cord.

However, if we specifically talk about stem cell therapy for ALS in India, it can be considered an effective solution as it is a potentially promising new method for treating ALS. It has become a vital topic in the medical community only recently, and the need to make it more widely known about how innovative this treatment might be for patients suffering from ALS. Additionally, researchers are pretty inquisitive to know how they can develop this method on a wider scale without adversely affecting patients' health.

As the scientific community goes deeper into the understanding of stem cells, new research is always being released that might otherwise shine a different light on who they are and what they can do. A study published in 2017 has found that mesenchymal stem cells and neural fetal stem cells have emerged as cell types that have shown promise in treating diseases such as Alzheimer's, but there must be further studies to ensure their long-term safety before any clinical trials are carried out. Please consider getting in touch with Dr. Rajput’s Stem Cell Research Center to know more about stem cell therapy and how you can be benefited from it.

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