Genetic Disorders


Genetic Disorders constitute of illness caused by abnormalities or variations in genes. There are many diseases like diabetes and cancer that have a genetic impact. However, most genetic disorders are rare and affect one person in every several thousands. Some types of recessive gene disorders confer an advantage in the heterozygous state in certain environments.

Genetic diseases can be due to mutation in one or several gene(s) in combination with environmental factors. However, some causes may relate to:
A family history of a genetic disease
Parents who have a genetic disease
Parents who are closely related or part of a distinct ethnic or geographic community
Parents who do not show disease symptoms, but "carry" a disease gene in their genetic makeup (this can be discovered through genetic testing).

Stem Cell Treatment
Stem cell research continues to show that adult stem cells can help treat the genetic disorders in many patients.
The doctors at Stem Cell India Research Centre transplant stem cells directly into the body during bypass surgeries for optimum results. Such treatments result in a high success rate due to the precision of the method involved.
These stem cells could be of various types viz. Hematopoietic (CD 34+), Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that are processed and isolated using Good Manufacturing Products (GMP) and Good Lab Practices (GLP) and in accordance with AABB standards. These stem cells are procured from various sources including bone marrow, cord blood fat etc. as per the requirement of the patient.
To know more about how the patients with Genetic Disorders have shown excellent results using our stem cell therapy, please today.